Setup Instructions

  1. Download the “SenseCAP Hotspot” app from the Google Play or Apple store.
  2. Following the instructions to create your SenseCAP account and Helium wallet.
  3. Download the “Helium HNT Wallet” app from the Google Play or Apple store and follow the instructions.
  4. Email and ask for your Hotspot Address. We’ll email back the device address and then click “Add to Dashboard”.
  5. Attach the antenna and power cable to the SenseCAP hotspot, then power on. Wait for the blue light at the rear of the unit to illuminate, it will likely be doing a rapid flash. Note: Mount the antenna to wall, attic, spare bedroom or roof.
  6. There is a small button beside the blue light. Press the button on the back for 6-10 seconds until the blue light turns to slow flash mode.
  7. When the blue light is in slow-flash (pairing mode), open the “SenseCAP Hotspot” app, click on the Hotspot icon from the main menu, select the  ( + ) icon and choose “Add Hotspot to SenseCAP”.
  8. Click on “Hotspot” tab from the main menu, select your Hotspot’s Name, click the Gear icon and choose Pair (Update Wi-Fi or Run Diagnostics)
  9. Following instructions and connect the device to your internet.
  10. As soon as you’re connected, that’s it your done!

Helium is used by

digital matter
digital matter
one planet


Truly Decentralized

The People’s Network is made possible through sophisticated, open-source technologies that aim to create a truly decentralized and trust-less model for building wireless infrastructure.

Tokens & Data Credits

The network uses two units of exchange: HNT, a new cryptocurrency, and Data Credits.


Our novel proof-of-work algorithm enables Hotspots to be rewarded trustlessly.

Helium LongFi

LongFi combines the low-power, long-range LoRaWAN wireless protocol with the Helium Blockchain.